International Law

Specializing in international law, we collaborate with States and global organizations to protect the rights of EU and non-EU citizens, also working with non-EU lawyers

Following the international vocation of the owner and founder of the Firm, we deal with international law (or “ius gentiumi.e., law of people/populations), which represents that complex of rules and principles that regulate relations between States and govern commercial, social and economic aspects of the life of the international community.

In fact, international law arises from cooperation among the adhering States and is above each of them by spontaneous adherence. The sources of international law are customs and treaties, traditionally accepted on the basis of the principle “pacta sunt servanda“.

The subjects of international law are the States and International Organizations with which it is necessary to deal with to guarantee the client the maximum and best protection in a matter in which various sources of law come into play with all the related consequences.

The Firm, which is part of AIGLI (Associazione Internazionale Giuristi di Lingua Italiana – International Association of Italian Speaking Jurists), aims to ensure that all EU citizens and beyond can have a point of reference in Italy and specifically in Rome, for the protection of all possible rights claimed or claimable through collaboration with EU and non-EU lawyers with whom professional relationships have been established over time with mutual satisfaction.