I protect your rights
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For 25 years I have been safeguarding and protecting the rights and interests of my clients

About Me

My primary values are competence, honesty and transparency. In my profession I strive to protect and safeguard, in the best possible manner and with every possible legal instrument at my disposal, the interests and rights of everyone (individuals and legal persons).

My professional approach is focused on providing clients a relationship of trust, which I consider fundamental to guarantee their rights, following the logic of maximum results with minimum effort, where possible and permitted by the legal case in question. In my relationship with clients, I favor clarity and transparency, correct information on the strategies and actions to be taken, for the protection of their reasons and for the defense of their interests.

Personal profit is not my priority, but must be a consequence of the work performed and the client’s satisfaction, regardless of the outcome of any out-of-court or judicial action taken.

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Out-of-court settlements

“Mediating, finding amicable common sense agreements are my principles in the profession.”

Valerio Colantonio

How I work

Mediating and finding common sense settlement agreements are the founding principles in my profession, where I believe there are prerequisites and conditions. Otherwise, I explain the possible judicial avenues to be pursued, highlighting the pros and cons for the client, with the utmost transparency, allowing the client to make an informed decision, making use of my advice.

Utmost professionalism, empathy and sensitivity

Sono sempre disponibile al dialogo con i clienti, nell’ottica di garantirgli la massima soddisfazioneaI am always available to speak with clients, with a view to ensuring maximum satisfaction, with mutual respect for roles and my professionalism, which has a high value and which must provide for legitimate financial remuneration.

I am a lawyer with an important empathic stamp and with a sensitivity that drives me to understand, from the beginning of the relationship with the client, his/her primary needs and those that may change over time, modifying the possible goals to be achieved along the way.

I believe that professional collaboration, with other colleagues who specialize in other fields, not of my specific expertise, is an added value to support the needs of each client in the various aspects of legal advice. Daily, for different cases, I discuss and enhance my professionalism with them through a long-standing relationship of trust. Therefore, even if not physically located at my firm, they are a key support in ensuring maximum experience and professionalism for my clients. Over the years I have developed a strong openness to professional collaborations with foreign colleagues with whom I have increased my expertise and studied issues on foreign legislation or guaranteed legal protection to foreign clients in Italy.

The goal is to implement my experience in the international field having become a member of international bar associations. I am currently a member of AIGLI (Associazione Internazionale Giuristi di Lingua Italiana – International Association of Italian Speaking Jurists).

The quality of my professionalism, the dedication to in-depth study of details, precision, transparency and punctuality in dealing with clients are my core values.