Criminal Law

With the collaboration of esteemed professionals specialized in criminal law, the Firm deals with the protection of clients in all cases involving criminal hypotheses. That is, all conduct classified by the Legislator as criminal offenses for which there is a legal consequence.

The offenses thus regulated by the Italian Criminal Code are divided into two broad categories: felonies and misdemeanors (delitti and contravvenzioni). The former provide for punishment such as imprisonment, life imprisonment and a fine; on the other hand, misdemeanors provide for arrest and a penalty.

The main difference between criminal law and civil law is that the former, unlike the latter, does not regulate relations between individuals, but regulates the ways by which the State sanctions and punishes offenses deemed particularly serious; in this regard, cooperation with professionals with a specific mindset is the basis for guaranteeing the protection of the client’s rights.

The Firm relies on the expertise of excellent criminal lawyers, who are not only well prepared but also highly knowledgeable with the specific subject matter of the crime for which they are called to defend. Similarly, they are colleagues capable of conveying peace of mind to the client and always updating the client on developments in the case by advising, at all times, on the right moves to be made at the trial end.